What is the Culture Creation Industry?

The term "culture industry" refers to the commercial marketing of culture. It produces unauthentic culture that is ALWAYS detrimental to being human.

The phrase "culture industry" was originally coined by German music composor Theodor Adorno (the same Adorno that allegedly composed most of the Beatle's music).

The Culture Creation Industry (C.C.I.) is MASSIVE... orchestrated by all channels that publishing news, information - even entertainment. This includes films, radio programs, magazines, etc.

The Culture Creation Industry's stated goal is to manipulate mass society into passivity (a.k.a. "sheep" or "sheeple"). The C.C.I. has masted the Hegelian Dialectic to control us.

As a result, the Culture Creation Industry admits to wanting to put an end to freedom, creativity and happiness.

They get away with this deception by tricking the masses that we need their news, teachings - and of course their entertainment.

Personally, I loathe the Culture Creation Industry and fight back against it 24/7. This is why I no longer watch TV, read books, or listen to radio. It is hard to escape the CCI's grip, but it is possible.

Alan Watt describes it best in this short video:

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