I believe in vaccines... can I still join XClave

We are a vaccine-free community.

Instead, we use a "food-(as-thy)-medicine" approach to outstanding health... just like we did in the good ol' days. Instead of using MEDs to fix our ills, members of XClave eat nutritious and delicious foods to prevent illnesses.

Our medical staff bans vaccines from being used on our members. Instead, we encourage hugging it out... playing in our dirt - even yes... shaking hands. This lets our body naturally create our own antibodies to resist dangerous viruses.

When we look at the REAL science (hidden by corrupt government agencies and the media), we see vaccines do WAY more harm than good. In fact, most modern diseases are directly linked to vaccines.

Many people are surprised to find out vaccines have never once been scientifically studied for safety. Not a single time.

Even worse, the US government passed a law decades ago called the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. This law exempts pharmaceutical companies from being sued due to vaccine injuries. Instead, victims must sue the government. ("Vaccine Court" is so corrupt, less than 1 out of every 4 cases award damages.)

The worst part is doctors and public schools push vaccines because they are paid hundred of dollars per person. A few pharmaceutical reps have confirmed this to me - at least $400.00 per child.

It gets worse:

News organizations have a major conflict of interest... they get paid hundreds of billions of dollars to advertise pharmaceuticals. Logically, these same news' companies will never bite the hand that feeds them.

Big Pharma uses weaponized language like "anti-vaxxers" to describe those like us who are deeply concerned about the dangers of vaccines. I get it. Big Pharma is defending their monopoly of keeping us sick for life.

So no. If you beLIEve in vaccinations, please do not join us here at XClave.