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Hey hey... it is me - Markus Allen.

On March 1, I launched a new company. It is called

In simple speak, it is a self-service advertising service that matches online advertisers with online content providers (like "Youtubers", "Instagrammers" - even bloggers).

And for the first time ever, I am documenting the entire process of me starting a new business (I have had a LOT of practice over the decades).

If you want to be the first to get updates, you can both follow me on Twitter and/or see my live update page here.

And stay tuned... I will be posting lots of update videos.

By the way: I have learned the hard way... I never give out expected target dates. Life always seems to get in the way of expectations. With that said, this company is my new 100% focus. I am pumped. I cannot wait to share more details of the coming days.