About me

Hey there....

It's me... Markus Allen..

I am the guy most famous for helping entrepreneurs build their business since 1997..

Yes - that is over 2 decades..

It is true - many small business people are RICH because of the business-building strategies and tactics I have shared over the decades.


I have a confession to make.

It is - well, sort of embarrassing.

(I am not kidding.).

I am not a happy camper.

In fact, the last 15 years have been sort of awful for me.

Let me explain:

Sure, owning a business is just fantastic.

I cannot imagine what it is like to take orders from a "boss".

And proving everyone wrong is totally inspiring.


I get to do what I want...

When I want...

With whomever I want as I am my own boss.


Never in my life have all the stars aligned.

Here is what I mean:

Some years, the money is rollin' in... but I suffer horrible health issues.

Other years, I am super poor but make great friends (or so I thought).

Sometimes, I am super busy and I am happy to lock myself in my office by myself for days at a time.

And then I go months at a time feeling super lonely.

In simple speak, I feel like entrepreneurship is one big freakin' rollercoaster.

And rollercoasters are not my thing.

They make me sick.

Ultimately, I want to live all the aspects of the good life - at the same time.

Again, have all the stars align.

I always struggle putting everything together at the same time.

And I DESPERATELY want to change that... starting TODAY.


For most of my adult life, I have been tryin' to figure it all out.

Those who seem successful to me call these "Pillars" or "Foundations".

For me, I just call them buckets.

And I think the good life is all about mastering the following 8 buckets:

8 "Buckets" of The Good Life

I want to MASTER these 8 buckets of the good life.


Have them all work out at the same time.

Great health...

Wealth and happiness...

A sharp mind...

Connections to great friends and family that are supportive.

And a clear understanding of what my meaning of life is.

If you are as excited about this as I am about having it all at the same time...

Let me know by subscribing to my Twitter account here. In return, I pledge to deliver a daily stream of gold nuggets to help you live the good life of an entrepreneur... just like I do.