About me (Markus Allen)

In the past, I would always tell people I am a serial entrepreneur - and I have been disrupting greedy corporations since 1997.

At the same time, I have helped other entrepreneurs scale up and become million dollar businesses.

But of course, March 13, 2020 changed all that. The "Coronavirus Lockdown" got me to drop all my businesses and focus on just one.

I call it Project X. It is a business I have been secretly working on for over 20 years.

And now it is time to make it happen.

What is Project X?

Project X will be the coolest thing on earth...

Think Starbucks, food courts, Disney World, National Parks, premier outdoor shopping centers, flying taxis, botanical gardens and the biggest "regenerative" farm you could ever imagine... all rolled into one.

All dotted throughout the world.

A place so cool, people will BEG to be part of it... both employees and our guests.

You see, years before the September 11th "attack", it became obvious what was to come...

We would live in a locked-down hell on earth. In fact, I have been screaming about it publicly since September of 2008. I have recorded over 1,000 hours of audio about this on my podcast. Because for decades, I have closely followed "futurists" who have 95% accurate prediction rates...

These futurists accurately predicted what we are living through today. Everything from "cocooning" (i.e. staying inside one's home, insulated from perceived danger) to "social distancing" to a rapidly growing tyrannical government, elimination of cars - even the under-the-radar installation of a 5G "smart cities" network.

And here we are today - a science fiction dream that has become our "new normal" reality... just as the "futurists" have predicted... worldwide, too.

Here is the worst part: these same futurist warns us life will never be the same in the coming future...

In our "new normal", our body temperature will be monitored dozens of times a day.

An app that measures our "social score" will unlock our ability to buy stuff... politically correct citizens will be able to shop, but those with low social scores will lose their privileges.

Neighbors will be given rewards for turning in those not complying with government orders.

Non-essential travel will be eliminated - only police, military, first responders (and rich people) get to drive on the roads.

No more hugging in public.

No more live events.

Everything will be about "remote working" and "e-learning'.

And forget about eating at restaurants like we did in the past... in the new normal, restaurants will be forced to mandate that we sit in plexiglass table dividers - like this:

plexiglass restaurant divider

I am inventing Project X as a safe haven for people (like me) who want to opt out of this hell on earth. The main benefit of Project X is its privacy. It is a private club (that almost anyone can join). And since it is private, we do not have to "self quarantine" or "lockdown" or wear stupid masks fearing some "invisible enemy". Instead, we will continue to live the good life just like we did before - perfectly legal (and there is nothing the "authorities" can do about it).

So what do I mean by "almost anyone can join"? The only rule is that you have the courage to have an open mind. You cannot continue to live in fear. You cannot believe everything the news tells you. You must not be politically correct. You must not be "asleep"... instead, you must be woke...

In simple speak, if you agree with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said, "The only thing to fear is fear itself", you are welcome to join my Project X.

You can join my new private club (and watch me build it at the same time) - click here for more details Project X...