UPDATE: 7/13/2020 @ 09:49 PM... This page is the gateway to all the questions I am getting about XClave. I have cleared my schedule to answer them all (below). Come back daily for updates!


What is XClave?
Is XClave real?
What gives you the right to pull this off?
Why did you invent XClave?
What is the goal?
How can I help XClave?
Is there anything like XClave?
When will XClave arrive near me?
Are there laws?
Who is the leader of XClave?
How does XClave think about profit?
Can my dog live with us at XClave?
What would education be like?
How would one choose a home?
What kind of food will be available to eat at XClave?


Is this a cult?
How does voting work?
Isn't this just communism/socialism under the disguise of utopia?
Is this anarchy?
How can you legally avoid wearing masks, self-distancing and vaccines?
What safeguards are in place to prevent you becoming a dictator?
What about religion?
Am I free to cancel my XClave membership?


How does XClave keep us safe?
Is there a rule of law at XClave?
Will criminals be allowed to join XClave?
What about crimes of jealousy?
How will drug addicts, alcohol (and weed) be dealt with?


How is XClave funded?
Is Bux legal currency?
How can XClave legally get around income taxes and property taxes
Are there job openings at XClave?
Will people who do more work (or have greater responsibilities) get paid more than a dishwasher?
How does XClave eliminate scarcity?
In a system of plenty, wouldn't workers lose incentives to work?
I am broke with terrible credit... can XClave help me?


Can XClave members live offsite and visit as a guest?
What is the role of family members as a full-time resident of XClave?


How is XClave different than:
- Del Webb Communities
- Walt Disney's Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
- Jacques Fresco's The Venus Project
- Titus Gebel's Free Private Cities


Why is this a private community... won't this prevent anyone from joining?
I believe in vaccines... can I still join XClave?
Will joining affect my rights under the old system?
Count me in... how can I join XClave?
I want to completely opt out and sell everything I own... how can I help you launch XClave faster?